Sunday Afternoon 10/02/2016

This is a super quick, non-traditional Sunday Afternoon post. I made it to Samasati Resort this afternoon. 

It’s beautiful here, humid and hot but not super bad. Lots of “slightly poisonous” spiders with big webs. Lots of noise from the rainforest, including what sound like big monkeys. They have very deep voices!

Quick story I just remembered: when my nephew was little, he was very scared of big monkeys. “I know like big monkeys Neecie!”  We couldn’t figure out where this fear came from – until one of the adults happened to look into an old Viewmaster we had as kids. Planet of the Apes!

That solved the mystery of big monkeys, but did start a new line of inquiry on “what the hell were our parents thinking?!”  

Anyways, here’s the view from the hammock on my porch while I was meditating:

Yes, it’s for real! Amazing, and when you add in the bird calls and insect buzzing it’s like a dang movie. 

So that’s what I’m listening to. In other news:

Eating: notice I didn’t say cooking lol. This resort is vegetarian! You can add meat for an additional fee. Isn’t that great?! I had some absolutely delicious portobello mushroom fajitas at lunch. 

Looking Forward To This Week: adventures, peace and quiet, time to myself, making new friends. 

Glad I Accomplished: got our server back up and running at work on Friday before I left. It quit running on Thursday afternoon. Talk about stress. Mr. 26 and I stayed late, and when we couldn’t fix it, we at least had a plan of action. I’m hoping to hear that everything’s  still okay tomorrow morning. 

I’m off to hang out and read for a bit. I hope you had a great weekend!

Two Years

My friend Leslee’s blog post today, the 2nd anniversary of losing her husband. I wouldn’t know her had it not been for losing him, and G-Man. Such a conundrum is life.


As we mark the second year since Steve gained his angel wings I want to get these thoughts I’ve been gathering out to share. I’ve been jotting them down for some time and pardon me if they seem random, I’ll try to assemble them in order. It will also give you a look into my mind as I try to maneuver through this new world of mine.

Suffering a devastating loss, and for me a sudden loss was the.most difficult event of my life. I not only lost ‘my person’, I lost my support system. I lost the one person that I trusted most in life, I lost all of my hopes, my dreams and all of our future plans – in the blink of an eye at 9:47pm on July 21, 2014. BOOM – finished, done, the.end!!! I also lost my identity; I was a happily married woman of…

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